Ikshef’s Statement on Egyptian Journalists Day

Ikshef’s Statement on Egyptian Journalists Day


On June 10th every year, Egyptian journalists mark the anniversary of the victory of their will in their famous battle to drop an infamous law that was restrictive to press freedom, which is law number 93 for the year 1995.

The general exceptional committee that was held on June 10th for a whole year succeeded in dropping that law which was approved by the parliament and the president and was published in the official gazette.

That battle offers a successful example for journalists for their ability to stand for their freedom and career if they stand together for a certain goal and mobilize their capabilities for that battle.

Egyptian journalists need today to repeat that experience to save their profession against what is orchestrated against it of hybridization and taming that deprive it of the reason of its existence and of its readers and consequently of its sources of income and then force it to get rid of journalists and workers because it is unable pay them.