Ikshef Condemns Arrest of Journalist Hani Salahuddin and Seizure of Masralarbia.com

Ikshef Condemns Arrest of Journalist Hani Salahuddin and Seizure of Masralarbia.com



London, August 17, 2017


Arab Media Freedom Monitor “Ikshef” condemns Egyptian security authorities’ arrest of journalist Hani Salahuddin, the former editor-in-chief of the Youm7 and newspaper, who was released a few weeks ago from the unjust after almost-4-year imprisonment.


Ikshef asserts that this arrest was carried out due to false accusation by the administration of the newspaper in which he was working, which was supposed to defend him and return him to his previous job.


Ikshef stresses its full solidarity with the Salahuddin and the rest of his colleagues in Youm7 who are dismissed or forced to leave their jobs, even in the form of an open leave, by a decision of the editor-in-chief who claims that the owner of the newspaper is Marshal Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi, and that he doesn’t allow insulting the owner of the newspaper in it.


Ikshef calls also on Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate and all human rights organizations concerned with freedom of the press to act effectively to release Salahuddin before he is falsely accused by the security authorities in order to re-imprison him. He has just got out of prison in which has almost lost his life and his vision. He still needs treatment and surgeries.


Meanwhile, Ikshef condemns the seizure of Masralarbia.com website after being blocked among more than 140 other websites, as well as the seizure of the assets of the owners of Cairoportal.com (journalist Abdul-Wahed Ashour and his brother), Alborsanews.com and dailynewsegypt.com (journalist Mostafa Saqr and co.)


Ikshef stressed that all these repressive measures against the freedom of the press violate the provisions of the Egyptian Constitution and the international covenants signed by Egypt.