A Statement by Egypt’s Families of Detained Journalists Entitled “A Jailed’s Eid”...

A Statement by Egypt’s Families of Detained Journalists Entitled “A Jailed’s Eid” Demanding Release of Relatives



Families of Detained Journalists Association in Egypt issued a statement Saturday calling for the release of their relatives and participating in an event called “A Jailed’s Eid”.


“Families of Detained Journalists Association has been following up what has been happening in the prisons and detention centers of many violations, which have affected nearly 100 journalists and media professionals detained and with restricted freedom without any crime except doing their job and respecting their conscience.” the statement said.


“Detained journalists, like others, suffer from denial of visits for some, deliberate medical negligence, denial of treatment and health care, and most importantly, denial of their right to freedom and exercise of their professional work without fear of prosecution, detention or unfair trial based on political views and not the articles of the law and the Constitution.” the statement added.


The statement stressed that the association participates in this day in hope that their loved ones would receive a message of congratulations of Eid, which they will spend as strangers and lonely behind prison walls without relatives nor friends.


The statement concluded by saying:  “Families will not hesitate to appeal to all activists, human rights organizations and civil society organizations to continue their struggle to stop the unjustified prosecution of all intellectuals, writers and photographers, and to the immediate and urgent release of every journalist and media professional behind bars. “