Ikshef Condemns Raiding House a Researcher and Arrest of a Journalist

Ikshef Condemns Raiding House a Researcher and Arrest of a Journalist


London – July 23, 2017

Arab Media Freedom Monitor “Ikshef” condemns the raid by a security force under the leadership of Kafr El-Sheikh province’s assistant security director and the head of national security on the home of colleague Ahmed Abu-Zeid Al-Tonobi, an Ikshef researcher, for the purpose of arresting him for defending journalists and media professionals who were detained during the past period, both in the demonstrations of last Friday over the Tiran and Sanafir islands’ agreement and the previous events, or for his personal participation in some events hosted by the Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate.


Ikshef also condemns the Egyptian police arrest of journalist Hazem Reda, who was forced to turn himself in after holding his uncle for 3 days as a hostage due to his participation in covering the demonstrations of Tiran and Sanafir too.

Ikshef condemns the police raid on the home of journalist Osama Al-Hiteimi, a member of the EJS from Fayoum province, and assaulting his family

Because of his media talks to express his opinion on national issues, on top of which is Tiran and Sanafir agreement, a matter that was repeated with the journalist Walid Salahuddin.


Ikshef holds the Egyptian security authorities fully responsible for harming the life of Reda whose family fears that he will face what happened to other forcibly disappeared persons during the past few days. Ikshef also warns the security authorities of carrying out their threats to demolish the home of the colleague Ahmed Abu-Zeid and holds them the full legal responsibility for it. Ikshef also rejects the continued threat of police to families of journalists they chase.