Journalist Sherin Bekhit: Are There Remnants of Justice in Our Beloved Country...

Journalist Sherin Bekhit: Are There Remnants of Justice in Our Beloved Country Egypt?!

A protester rallies in support of Al Jazeera journalists Abdullah al-Shami and Mohammed Sultan, who were detained by Egyptian authorities, in front of the Press Syndicate in Cairo, June 1, 2014. According to Al Jazeera's website, the two journalists have been in detention since August last year for providing information to the Muslim Brotherhood. The government has declared the Brotherhood a "terrorist group". The Brotherhood says it is a peaceful organisation. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany (EGYPT - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) - RTR3RQ5B

After being charged with calling for 11/11/2016 demonstrations, journalist Sherin Bekhit sent a letter from behind the bars to Egypt’s Attorney General, human rights organizations and women’s rights asking: “Is there remnants of justice in our beloved country Egypt?!”



“My days pass in monotony inside Al-Qanater Women’s Prison, while my life has turned into a mirage, and I have lost hope of being released.


Time passes slowly, and our psychological wounds are being healed with the same slowness. I try hard to hold on to the memories, to the images of my children whom I was deprived of seeing them or making sure they are ok.


I try to forget the security forces storming of my house at dawn and the screams of my children in front of my eyes without being able to alleviate their anxiety, and then taking me at night to National Security headquarters and then interrogate me for long hours without a sense of chivalry or observance of the norms or the ethics of the Egyptian society praising chivalry.


Memories will not be healed and will not be treated by a doctor. I feel the bitterness of the difficulty forgetting my humiliation, my beating and me facing unjust and false accusation without any evidence. I remember and try to forget.


I was falsely accused of calling for the November 11 demonstrations and publishing false news in state security case No. 761 for the year 2016.


In the prosecution investigations, I denied all the confessions that I was forced to make, and the public prosecutors wrote that down, but to date renewal of my  imprisonment continues


Mr. prosecutor General, human rights organizations and institutions in Egypt and whom it may concern, I ask you most sincerely, what have I done so that my destiny to be behind bars all these months since the 19th of October 2016 to this day without a single proof of what were attributed to me of false accusations?!


What is the crime of 4 children to live this loss away from me because of my detention, and from their father because of his travel and being chased?


I do not see any crime except that I am 100% Egyptian, and now I and my children are punished for being Egyptians and for our love for our beloved country Egypt ..


I repeat it again, those who chant about women’s rights: Where am I for you?

For those interested in the rights of the child: Where are the rights of my children from these rights?!!


I repeat it again: I need my sons more than they need me, is there remnants of justice in our beloved country Egypt ?!  Is there any answer?”