Ikshef Calls for the Release of 5 Kidnapped Journalists in Egypt

Ikshef Calls for the Release of 5 Kidnapped Journalists in Egypt


London – December 9, 2017
Arab Media Freedom Monitor “Ikshef” is demanding the disclosure of the fate of five journalists who were kidnapped at Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate last Thursday following their participation in a peaceful demonstration denouncing US President Donald Trump’s decision to move his country’s embassy to Jerusalem, a demonstration which was called for by members of EJS council.

The five journalists are Ahmed Abdul-Aziz, Hussam Al-Suweifi (EJS members), Hisham Ahmed, Mohammed Khaled and Islam Ashri.

Ikshef considers the abduction of journalists at EJS stairs as a new sign of continuing to insult this old professional entity. And this represents a new attack on the syndicate which the Egyptian security forces had stormed in early May last year and arrested two journalists from inside it and then referred its head, his deputy and its general secretary to trial, and sentenced them to suspended imprisonment.

It is worth mentioning that a group of journalists tried to find out the whereabouts of the abducted colleagues, but to no avail. Also, the Ministry of the Interiors did not reveal in a statement or a comment the reasons for their detention, nor were they stand to the prosecution, in violation of the Egyptian constitution which stipulates that any person within 24 hours of his detention must be brought before the competent prosecution .

Ikshef reiterates its full rejection of the abduction of journalists and condemns the continuing repressive policies that target the remaining margin of freedom guaranteed by the constitution to citizens. Ikshef reiterates its call for the immediate release of all journalists who are detained, and holds Egyptian authorities responsible for their safety.